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The following information on the X program is provided as a resource for procurement managers to facilitate sourcing decisions. The assessment has been carried out based on the information provided. For more information on the program, please follow the links below.



FAO Stat:

Reference Emissions Level

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3rd Party Assessment

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Measuring, reporting, and verifying

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Verification of results

Information on net emissions reduction results, verified by a 3rd party, can be found below. Note that verification results happen periodically; to maintain eligibility, a program must stay below their assessed GHG baseline.


Approach to safeguards

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Safeguards plans

Information on the relevant safeguards plans and frameworks can be found here:

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Safeguards reporting

Information on reporting on how the safeguards are addressed and respected, including reporting to the UNFCCC, can be found here:

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Safeguard Information System

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High-level political support

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Additional examples of this support include:

(Links to letters, speeches, plans, etc)

Consultations and stakeholder engagement

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Jurisdictional Initiative (if applicable)

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Standard (if applicable)

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Statement from the Government

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The site helps identify countries and subnational areas that are making demonstrable progress reducing deforestation and the associated greenhouse gas emissions, and connects these jurisdictions to companies seeking to purchase commodities that do not contribute to deforestation.

The following countries, or subnational areas, have been assessed as eligible for prioritized sourcing as they meet the following criteria:

Eligibility has been assessed following a robust process described here.